Thailand Travel Legends - The Chao Phraya River Cruise

Mekhala Chao Phraya River Cruise Mekhala Chao Phraya River Cruise
Welcome aboard the legendary Mekhala for an enchanting journey along the magnificent Chao Phraya river. Once a rice barge, the Mekhala is now a floating boutique hotel. There is no better way to sample the leisurely life along the "River of Kings".

Mekhala Chao Phraya River Cruise For over 700 years, the Kingdom of Thailand has been a waterborne culture and even now the Chao Phraya river is still the nation's main communications artery. A cruise on the Mekhala is the ideal start to a journey that could lead to a trip to Chiang Mai, the River Kwai or the Khmer Temples of Korat. more details

Mekhala Chao Phraya River Cruise A wondrous array of folklore and river life unfolds along the banks of the river as the Mekhala idles its way up to Ayutthaya. Houses on stilts echo with the laughter of children playing at the water's edge, women bathe in traditional sarongs while the menfolk fish lazily from sampans. more details



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